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The Truth Healing Bracelet

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Carry your intentions with you. 

This healing bracelet is loaded with crystals to heal the throat charka, allowing you to safely speak your truth.

Hematite crystal is heavy and grounding, and provides courage, strength & physical protection.

Blue Agate crystal relates to the throat chakra. It improves communication and understanding, bringing forward your Truth. Calming and relaxing.

Black Jasper crystal provides the ultimate spiritual protection, and wards off negativity.

This healing bracelet is made with cedarwood beads. If you would like a different base bead (silkwood, sandalwood, Tiger striped Sandalwood or Rudraksha seed beads) send me a message with your order!

My bracelets are made on strong elastic and will slide over your hand with ease. Measure your wrist true to size and I’ll leave you enough wiggle room.