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The Red Project

I’ve teamed up with my favourite photographer Kirsten Malone of flowersforbeezus.com to use our collaboration, 'The Red Project' to raise awareness for #MMIWG2S+ and the #RedDressproject and raise funds for the Nova Scotia Native Women’s Association. 50% of proceeds from any print or canvas will be donated to support indigenous women in Nova Scotia. Prints & canvases can be purchased in Kirsten's shop. Thank-you to everyone involved in this project. Stay tuned for more!

Prints are available in a variety of sizes here in Kirsten's Shop!


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Passing along knowledge and teaching related to indigeneity, spiritual growth, mindfullness, Yoga & Ayurveda, Reiki & Spirit Talking.

How to use your Mala for breathing exercises & meditation.

by Kelsie Young on July 25, 2021

You may have landed here with me because you are interested in learning a little more about spirituality, or maybe you’re looking to adapt some simple practices for mindfulness in your daily life. Maybe you’re searching for happiness or trying to find a deeper meaning. It’s definitely a journey about trying to find… something; a search for answers and understanding. (Pssssst that ‘thing’ you are searching for, the answer to all these questions, it’s YOU!)

by Kelsie Young on June 17, 2021

Tonight my Full Moon Ritual will look like:

  1. Setting out 3 mason jars of water to collect moon light. 
  2. Preforming a cleansing ceremony. 
  3. A five minute meditation 
  4. Writing out what I would like to cleanse out of my life & physically burning this away with a match.
  5. Writing out my manifestation for the next month, and adding it to one of the jars of water. 
  6. A closing five minute meditation to express my gratitude

by Kelsie Young on May 26, 2021
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