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Traditional Indigenous healing to help you sleep.

Authentic Indigenous Dreamcatchers & Traditional Energy Cleansing

With Mi'kmaw Artist & Spirit Talker
Kelsie Young

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Handmade, authentic dreamcatchers by aboriginal artist Kelsie Young. Dream Webs creates custom authentic Indigenous dreamcatchers with the added healing properties of semi-precious gemstones like peaceful Amethyst, loving Rose Quartz and protective Black Jasper. Dream Webs dreamcatchers are inspired by Nature, and each piece comes with a handwritten description of its gemstones and their healing properties, along with the specific date the dreamcatcher was smudged on.

Traditional Native Smudge bowl abalone shell

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Whether you have a new home, a newborn, or things that go bump in the night, having your house blessed will cleanse your space of negative or unwanted energy, helping you cultivate a positive, peaceful, and safe environment.

Kelsie is a Spirit Talker and energy mover, and can help you heal your home.

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Meet our Dreamcatcher Artist

love your dreamcatcher

Dreamwebs makes beautiful pieces of art! Her dream catchers are not only functional but lovely to look at. We have many pieces from here and live them all so much. I’m always look at her new things wondering what one I will get next lol. Quality product lovely customer service and beautiful work.

Caitlin Ouellet

Kelsie’s Dreamcatchers are incredible pieces of art that contains elements of nature, as well as beautiful gemstones which posses a meaning, and a purpose. Her affinity for smudging is a wonderful skill. She is able to bless, and cleanse a person, her dreamcatcher or a home. She helps educate and share her knowledge as she does her smudge with the homeowner informing them of her intention and what she is reading. I highly recommend Dream Webs dream catchers and house blessings for your needs. Whether it be a personal, or home smudging to not being able to sleep at night. You can also connect with the creator herself to create a custom dreamcatcher made to your needs and liking.

Hamdan Khan

Made a great custom dream catcher for my mom for her birthday and my mom has hung it on her rear view mirror in her vehicle ever since. Beautiful and well made. 10/10 recommend.

Logan Countway

Absolutely incredible work! Kelsie never fails to amaze me, I am blown away by the beauty in every piece.

Billie Lupton

Absolutely love her work, I had a dreamcatcher made for my girlfriend for her birthday and she absolutely loves it, she still talks about it. The attention to detail is amazing.

Shami T.

We are big fans. We got one for my little brothers insomnia and it worked! My mom liked it so much, she now has two she uses to decorate her bedroom and her living room.

Miguel Drapeau

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