Full Moon Cleansing Ritual

Wednesday, May 26th marks a big day on the lunar calendar. We are celebrating a Full Moon, Blood Moon, Flower Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse. Anyone one with the tiniest sense of attunement can feel those vibes coming a mile away. 

What does all this mean?

Full Moon = moon is fully illuminated
Super Moon = the moon will appear 13-17% bigger than regular full moons as its elliptical orbit brings it closer to Earth
Blood Moon = the moon appears to glow red as in moves through the Earth’s shadow
Eclipse = the moon dims as it moves through the Earth’s shadow

Full Blood Moon

What is a Moon Ritual?

A moon ritual is any sort of ceremony with a set intention, conducted in the light, or absence of the moon. Depending on your purpose and the timing of your ritual with the corresponding moon phase, the spiritual, emotional and symbolic meaning of the ritual can vary. Typically New Moons are used to manifest new things into your life. Full Moon rituals typically centre around helping us release ‘the old’; unwanted emotions, habits, behaviours, even relationships that are no longer serving us.

Like any ceremony or ritual, it is important to enter with a clear mind, an open heart and a positive intention, even if the ritual is focused on cleansing and letting go.

Your moon ritual can be whatever you like; simple or complex, lighthearted or serious. You can preform a moon ritual by simply sitting in the light of the moon, closing your eyes and thinking about what you would like your life to look like. Or maybe, like me, you enjoy the beauty and symbology behind burning away old feelings, physically - with a match, filling up my mason jars to absorb the beautiful lunar light, charging my crystals on the window sill and finding deep stillness in the glow of the moon.

The hardest part about these rituals is not the practice themselves, it's the motivation to do it. Setting aside five minutes of our time to be alone, focus inward and reflect with ourselves is something most of us find extremely challenging to do. We live in a world of Netflix, perceived constraints, and busy work lives so the urge to change your routine and try something new is not common. And it's not our fault. We are over stimulated as a society and the idea of even spending two minutes in our own heads, hearing our own thoughts… well it honestly can make you feel nauseous. But just like yoga is made to help you improve your flexibility, meditation, and mindful silence are meant to help you slow down and quiet your thoughts (you don’t have to be good at it yet). If you’ve ever said to yourself, “Oh, I can’t meditate; my mind is too busy.” you need to do it more than ever. And if you are one of these busy-minded folks, practices like these Moon Rituals, where you are solely focused on the task at hand, can act as a form of active meditation and help you slowly transition into more structured forms of meditation.

It’s all about connecting the mind, body and spirit. Choose your version of a Moon Ritual and give it a try tonight!

Tonight my Full Moon Ritual will look like:

  1. Setting out 3 mason jars of water to collect moon light.
  2. Lighting my smudging medicines and preforming a cleansing ceremony. (If you do not have smudge, use your favourite incense or healing herb from your kitchen. Try Bayleaf for intuition or Rosemary for success. If you need more guidance Check out my How To: Energy Cleansing Guide.)
  3. A five minute meditation outside, under the light of the full moon to centre and ground myself.
  4. Mindfully writing out what I would like to cleanse out of my life & physically burning this piece of paper away with the strike of a match.
  5. A closing five minute meditation to express my gratitude to the divine (whatever spiritual beliefs you have. Personally, I will be thanking the Moon for its divine light and guidance, my spirit guides, and any other good, spiritual entities that participated in my ritual with me.)

If I can answer any questions for you, send me a message.

Until next time guys!

Love & Light,


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