Medicine Wheel - Dream Webs - Dreamcatchers & House Blessing

Medicine Wheel

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The medicine wheel holds many teachings. Each quadrant represents a season, traditional medicine can stage of life, great spirit animal and so much more. It teaches us about our journey through life, and how everything in nature is a circle.

A 10” black hoop with webs to catch your bad dreams. The webs are hand painted in the traditional colours of our medicine wheel. 

Black Jasper crystal provides the ultimate spiritual protection and wards off negative forces.

White Agate is a stone of balance and release. It helps reduce frustration, anxiety, and worry, and help you think clearly. This stone will help develop your spiritual awareness.

Citrine crystal attracts financial prosperity. It holds only positive energy and improves courage, willpower and ferocity. Citrine crystal is great for warding off night terrors.

Red Jasper crystal relates to our root charka. It is a crystal of endurance, empowerment purpose. Its grounding energy will help you feel safe, secure and strong.

This dreamcatcher is finished off with black, white, yellow & red cotton fringe.