House Blessing

Mi'kmaw Spirit Talker
Kelsie Young

Now serving the Ottawa Valley, Ontario, Canada


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Whether its a new home, a newborn or things that go bump in the night, having your house blessed can help you cultivate a positive and peaceful environment. 
     white sage smudge for house blessing service in canada
House Blessing is a service provided by Dream Webs owner and Indigenous Spirit Talker, Kelsie Young. House Blessing involves energy cleansing the home or space using the traditional scared healing medicines of the Mi'kmaq First Nations. Using a carefully crafted blend of sage, cedar, sweetgrass and tobacco, Kelsie is able to manipulate, cleanse and purify the energy in your home. Each of the scared medicines serves its own unique purpose in the smudging blend and together create a perfectly balanced smudge. Through intuition, energy awareness, and claircognizant abilities, Kelsie is able to analyze and help you better understand the energies in your home.

Full disclosure, you may not like what you hear. Kelsie works to be as transparent and unbiased as possible and aims to always share the truth of what she 'knows'.

kelsie young, indigenous healer leading the smudging ceremony

 Leading the traditional smudging ceremony was a healing practice taught to Kelsie by Mi'kmaq elders in Nova Scotia, but spiritual work has always come naturally to her. Kelsie has used her intuitive work to help so many people find peace in their home and in their lives. 
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