Why Spiritual Boxes?

You may have landed here with me because you are interested in learning a little more about spirituality, or maybe you’re looking to adapt some simple practices for mindfulness in your daily life. Maybe you’re searching for happiness or trying to find a deeper meaning. It’s definitely a journey about trying to find… something; a search for answers and understanding. (Pssssst that ‘thing’ you are searching for, the answer to all these questions, it’s YOU!)

Soul searching for something more

My social media has been a buzz lately. Many of you have been reaching out to me to ask “Kelsie, what is a Spiritual Box? Would this be something that could help me?”

And of course the answer is YES! — to an extent.  These tools will AID you on your spiritual journey, but you have to be willing to let go, try new things, to show up for yourself, and do the work. Whether you’re far down the path or just taking your first steps, I’m here to provide tools and resources to help make it as pleasant and enjoyable of an experience as possible. But tools are only as good as the artist using them. The real magic comes from within.

So I’m here to give you all the lowdown on my new Spiritual Boxes! Each Spiritual Box features a curated collection of spiritual tools to aid you on your journey to self-discovery. Each box will follow a theme, in an order that will makes sense to someone just starting out. 

I chose products that I have personally used and have helped me throughout the years, and I am delivering them to you bundled with knowledge, ‘How To’ guides and guidance from yours truly. The Spiritual Boxes are just like me; they encompass knowledge, practices and tools from my indigenous culture and from my studies of Eastern Medicine, so you will see items based in traditional First Nations’ healing as well as Yoga & Ayurveda. 

Each box is focused on one practice: Energy Cleansing, Self-Care, Meditation, etc and will include ethically sourced products, goodies from Dream Webs & collaborations with local creatives. 


Energy Cleansing - Spiritual Box

June’s box will set you up with my favourite tools to preform your own energy cleansing ceremony. In this box we are focused on letting go of the old and what no longer serves us, and clearing space for new growth. This box focuses on the practice of energy cleansing, based on my knowledge of the Smudging Ceremony as well as Ayurvedic cleansing rituals. The Smudging Ceremony is the most sacred practice for indigenous peoples of Turtle Island, and similar cleansing rituals are used by almost every religion and race worldwide. Ritually cleansing yourself or your space allows you to remove unwanted or stale energy, creating space for newness and positivity. Your ceremony can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose to make it, but you MUST ALWAYS enter into a ceremony with love in your heart and positivity in your mind. When preforming a cleansing ritual, focus on what you want to manifest not on what you are letting go of. 

In your June Spiritual Box you will receive a stick of Palo Santo (a type of wood. There is one endangered and protected species of Palo Santo that is only found in the Galápagos Islands and is fully protected from harvesting of any kind and is not what you’ll be receiving, don’t worry) and a large bundle of dried white sage (sustainability sourced through a family run business in Turtle Island). Palo Santo was traditionally used by the indigenous peoples of South America. White sage is one of the four sacred medicines used in the traditional Smudging Ceremony of indigenous peoples of North America. These are my two favourite, go-to healing medicines for cleansing and purifying. Palo Santo is great for cleansing the energy of a space or inanimate objects like antiques. White Sage is the preferred healing medicine for cleansing people’s auras & animals, while also clearing energy from spaces and objects. The medicine you choose to burn during your ceremony will vary depending on the circumstances or what just feels right for that day. 

While you can directly burn the end of your Palo Santo stick, when it comes to loose herbs like white sage, I prefer to use a burning bowl, dish or my usual, an abalone shell. In the June Spiritual Box you will receive an abalone shell and large Turkey feather. Use the shell to hold your desired amount of sage carefully removed from the bundle. You may also choose to add in other healing medicines like cedar, tobacco, bay leaf or cinnamon. (Again, more in this to come in a future blog!) You can use the feather to assist you in wafting the smoke from your smouldering herbs, or if it feels more natural you can use your hands. 

The frequency of your cleansing rituals is up to you! You are the captain of this ‘Spiritual Journey Loveboat’. Some people choose to follow the moon cycles for their cleansing and abundance rituals. Some cleanse on the solstice and equinox, while some choose to cleanse daily. Do what feels right to you. You don’t have to follow a schedule. After your first cleanse, when it’s time again, you will know. 

Now, in my humble opinion, it just wouldn’t be a spiritual journey without some crystals! For many of you this may be your first healing crystal so I wanted to include a really powerful gemstone: Selenite. In the June Spiritual Box you will receive a Selenite crystal wand. Selenite crystal is known for its intense cleansing properties. When left in a negative or toxic environment, Selenite, which is usually white and transparent in colour will actually turn dark and grey as it absorbs the negativity. Selenite crystal is structurally long and acts as a bridge between us and the spiritual realm. This angelic crystal embodies Divine feminine energy and has strong association to the moon. I recommend keeping your crystal close by, or placing it where you spend most of your time. 

On the bottom of your June Spiritual Box you will find my easy to follow, step-by-step guide on how to preform your own cleansing ritual. This is just a guide. Feel free to say out loud what feels right to you in the moment, just remember, keep it positive. 

That’s energy cleansing summed up in a box! There are a few Spiritual Boxes for June left in the shop and July’s box all about Self Care will launch on 06/25/2021. And of course, if you have any questions leave me a comment below

Sending love and light,


Energy Cleansing - Spiritual Boxes can be found in the shop! 


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